Selecting and evaluating potential properties

We see it as our task to understand the wishes and requirements of our customers and then to present concrete real estate properties that match these wishes and requirements. It is important to us to select suitable properties with which our customers are satisfied and can achieve their investment goals.
We are in close contact with the best real estate agents in Austria and thus have access to practically the entire market for investment properties.
Some of our clients contact us with the desire to sell their properties. To this end, we are able to offer properties from this pool. It includes not only residential properties but also commercial properties such as office buildings, hotels, shopping and retail parks, warehouses, etc.

Arranging legal advice

It is always advisable to seek legal advice when purchasing real estate, especially when it comes to complex properties in the upper price range. It is common - and advantageous - for the buyer to be the one to have the purchase contract drawn up. We are happy to arrange a reliable, multilingual lawyer and accompany our clients during meetings with the lawyer.

Giving an overview of the real estate market

During an individual consultation, our clients receive a thorough overview of all facets of the real estate market in Austria and relevant investment strategies regarding location, building type and condition of the property.

Supporting due diligence & obtaining expert opinions

In the case of larger properties, it is advantageous to have a technical report drawn up on the state of construction of the building. It is often also important to know which yield is possible for which use of the property. In the case of a commercial property, for example, the creditworthiness of the tenants could be examined in order to assess the risk of default.
Here we can recommend appropriate experts.
In case of a share deal, due diligence by an expert is recommended.

Asset Management - support in administering real estate

After the purchase is completed, we can establish a concept for further utilisation and, if desired, to develop it (e.g. renovation/adaptation, renting, etc.).  
In this case the management would have to be carried out by a real estate trustee or property manager who has taken a sworn oath for the country. For renovation work, we can recommend competent construction companies, depending on the scope of the work.

Developing financing solutions and supporting loan applications

When it comes to financing issues, we can develop strategies that suit the individual situation in order to obtain favourable mortgage conditions from various financial institutions.
We are happy to assist our clients with the administrative tasks that are usually involved in applying for a loan.

Arranging tax advice

There are various ways to handle the purchase of a property. In terms of tax law, there are different solutions in order to optimize the outcome for the purchaser. Here, too, we are happy to recommend a suitable tax advisor to our clients and accompany them to the meetings.

Assessing the investment objectives and requirements of the client

We analyse and present the most suitable properties, optimally addressing the requirements and ideas of our customers.

Evaluating potential properties

Our analysis of available properties on the real estate market facilitates the selection process and speeds up decision making. We evaluate the selection according to the specifications of our client.

Arranging notarial services

For the purchase of a property it is necessary to have the signatures of the contracting parties notarized. The fiduciary processing of the purchase and the entry into the Austrian land register is usually done by a notary or lawyer.

Coordinating meetings between buyer and seller

We take care of the communication with the seller and are happy to accompany you during negotiations. Possible language and cultural barriers are thus easily overcome.